Club Meeting
Southcote 53 Tap & Grill
534 Garner Road East
Hamilton, Ontario, Ancaster, ON, L9G 3K9

 Wednesday October 3rd 7:30PM
New and existing members welcome


Club Facility - For Members Only (No Day Passes for Racing or Riding)


   Track  - Open - Closed Saturday October 13th and Sunday 14th for MX Round 10
   Trails  - Open - Closed October 14th for MX round 10.
   Next Event Status - MX Round 10 - Sunday October 14th - Clubtrack



Club News


*** New laneway now open ***

The new laneway is now open, please do NOT use the old laneway and make sure any guests use the new laneway too. Same rules as the old laneway. Go slow no practice riding with bikes.


*** Clubtrack MX round 10 Sunday October 14th ***

The last round of the MX series. Better check the points standing if you can still make up a spot for one of the trophies.
October 14th MX round 10 sponsored by: ROUND 10 - Get Nano - Zoom Cleaner 519-590-6305
October 14th MX round 10 schedule A: 2018 SCR Race Day Schedule
October 14th MX round 10 workers roster



SCR Decals For Sale

Please contact Zack at if you would like to purchase SCR Decals, approximate size is 20"x14", they are mirrored so there is one for each side of your trailer, cost is $25.00.