Members Meeting

 Cancelled until further notice due to Covid-19


Club Facility - For Members Only (No Day Passes for Racing or Riding)


Track  - Closed for the season
Trails  - Closed for the season

It is your responsibility to know and follow Steel City Riders Covid-19 Guidelines. They can be found here. Failure to follow Covid-19 Guidelines may result in a loss of membership but, most importantly, may result in the Six Nations closing the club property to everyone.



Club News

2021 Membership Info

2021 Membership

It's finally time to register for the Steel City Riders 2021 season. Thank-you to everyone who uploaded their waivers properly. It is a huge help for our volunteers and makes our job much easier.

Saturday February 27th at 10:00am we will open Clubworks for membership payment and work day selection.

Assuming your waivers have been approved, you will have to login to Clubworks and select "Place an Order". Complete the payment, then the screen will update to payment completed. Continue to the next page where you can choose your work day.

We do have a couple of things to keep in mind when selecting your work days.

1. Gopher Dunes date is TBA. If you select Gopher as your work day you will be required to work whenever it is scheduled even if it is inconvenient for you. If you can't make that work, don't choose Gopher as a work day. We won't be accommodating changes in work days.

2. If you choose a work day that has a scheduled alternate date, you are agreeing to being available on either day. Again, if you can only make one of the days, choose a different work day that works for you.

3. You are responsible for working your selected work date. If you miss your work date or are late, your membership is no longer valid. Choose your work days wisely!

4.Once you have made your membership purchase, please go back and view your work days selected. If they don't get locked in, your membership won't be completed and you won't get your membership package.

If you haven't uploaded your waivers and had them approved you won't be able to purchase a membership. It takes time to approve the waivers. If you upload at 9:59 Saturday morning, you're not going to get your waivers approved for 10:00. Upload early and see our last email for some reminders about how to upload waivers.

Link to Clubworks here!

2021 Race Schedule

We are excited to announce to the 2021 Steel City Riders race schedule.

Link to 2021 Race Schedule here!

NEW MEMBER INQUIRY: Steel City Riders is will accept new members for 2021. To add your name to the invite list, email us after January 1, 2021 and you will receive an auto-reply confirming we received your message and you'll be contacted when it's time. You can reach us at: and be sure to first read all membership requirements on the Membership > Information & Fees page

2020 Steel City Riders Covid-19 Guidelines

In order to have opened the club property in 2020 and going forward, all members must read and follow the Covid-19 rules. Failure to adhere to the rules could ruin everyones ability to use the track if it gets shut down by the province or Six Nations.
Steel City Riders Covid-19 Guidelines.

2020 Promotions & Class Adjustments

Click into the Membership > Schedules or Rules page for your 2020 promotions and adjustments which will apply for 2021



***2020 MX School Night***

The MX School will take a break for 2020. We look forward to its return in the future.


SCR Decals For Sale

Please contact Zack at if you would like to purchase SCR Decals, approximate size is 20"x14", they are mirrored so there is one for each side of your trailer, cost is $25.00.