Members Meeting

 Cancelled until further notice due to Covid-19


Club Facility - For Members Only (No Day Passes for Racing or Riding)


Track  - Open
Trails  - Open

Steel City Riders has updated its COVID-19 club guidelines for 2021. It is your responsibility to know and follow the Covid-19 Guidelines. They can be found here. Failure to follow Covid-19 Guidelines may result in a loss of membership but, most importantly, may result in the Six Nations closing the club property to everyone.



Club News


Due to the Government of Ontario restrictions MX 1 & 2 and their alternate dates have been cancelled. A condensed event schedule with some date changes can be found here 2021 Race Schedule. If your event work date has changed, you are expected to be available for the adjusted date if another event wasn't already scheduled on that date. Contact us for a conflict and we'll do our best to change your work date to something you can attend. As would be expected, this schedule is always subject to change based on the Covid-19 situation.

2021 Membership Info

Membership renewal opened in February and all those on the wait list were invited to join in March. SCR will close membership purchase in mid June. Visit the Membership Information & Fees page for more information



***2021 MX School Night***

The MX School will take a break for 2021. We look forward to its return in the future.


SCR Decals For Sale

Please contact Zack at if you would like to purchase SCR Decals, approximate size is 20"x14", they are mirrored so there is one for each side of your trailer, cost is $25.00.