Club Meeting
Southcote 53 Tap & Grill
534 Garner Road East
Hamilton, Ontario, Ancaster, ON, L9G 3K9

 Wednesday October 3rd 7:30PM
New and existing members welcome


Club Facility - For Members Only (No Day Passes for Racing or Riding)


   Track  - Open -
   Trails  - Open -
   Next Event Status - MX Round 7 - Saturday August 25th - Motopark Sponsored by Steve Simms Racing



Club News


*** New laneway now open ***

The new laneway is now ready to be used, same rules as the old laneway. Go slow no practice riding with bikes.


*** Motopark double header Saturday August 25th and Sunday 26th ***

Our most anticipated weekend of the season is upon us. Our annual double header at Motopark will also be Hallowe'en for the kids. There's plenty of primitive camping and the usual details from the always excellent MP crew can be found at the following link... 2018 SCR @ Motopark
August 25th MX round 7 sponsored by: Steve Simms Racing 519-717-4800
August 25th MX round 7 schedule A: 2018 SCR Race Day Schedule
August 25th MX round 7 workers roster
August 26th MX round 8 sponsored by: KMM Powersports 905-564-7748
August 26th MX round 8 schedule B: 2018 SCR Race Day Schedule
August 26th MX round 8 workers roster


 *** 2018 MX School Night ***

The Steel City Riders MX School night will return once again led by Chad Fleck with a host of our pro riders sharing tips and running drills so that club members can improve their skills. Below is the schedule which is of course subject to weather conditions. Note that the track(s) (and trails if applicable) are closed for the exclusive use of the school during the scheduled times. Please be dressed and ready to go in front of the trailer at 6pm.

June 5 - Intro, safety, bike setup, body positioning with Brad King, Jeff and Chilman Allen
June 26 - Clutch use, starts and Corners 1 with Jeff Allen, Chilman Allen and Rick Shiskoski
July 3 (added) - Cornering part 2 with Josh Baldwin, Luc Baldwin and Brad King
July 10 - Jumps part 1 with Rick Shiskoski and Dylan Osterroth
July 17 - Jumps part 2 with Pete Venczel and Dylan Osterroth
July 24 - Hills and miscellaneous skills with Brad King and Pete Venczel
July 31 - Woods riding with Greg Bastedo



SCR Decals For Sale

Please contact Zack at if you would like to purchase SCR Decals, approximate size is 20"x14", they are mirrored so there is one for each side of your trailer, cost is $25.00.