About Steel City Riders

Steel City Riders is a non-profit organization that solely depends on volunteers to run events. Each race has qualified First Response attendants and workers (volunteers) to ensure the safety of our riders.

SCR has 18 classes to ride, including 50, 65 and 85cc classes, skill classes from Novice up to Expert and age classes for the Vet rider.

Effective in 2012, Steel City Riders will offer one membership for all. Membership entitles you to the use of club property including the marked trails and the MX track. You are also entitled to participate in all SCR organized activities such as the Fun Day/Swap Meet, MX School and Racing Series.

Because SCR is a non-profit organization depending on its members for success, each member is required to complete a volunteer workday at some point during the season. This usually consists of a day flagging at race and can be at the club track or at an away track. At the time you complete your membership registration, you will be required to sign up for your volunteer day.

Riding season usually begins in April or once the club track is accessible, and ends December 1. An annual awards banquet is held in January where trophies, plaques and door prizes are presented.

As it has been since the Steel City Riders were born in 1961, we will continue working together to keep this club going for all to enjoy. For a glimpse into our past, present and future, please read the SCR History section of the website.