The Steel City Riders 2019 Schedule of Events is now available. Please click the link below to open a printable PDF of the Schedule.

2019 SCR Schedule of Events

2019 MX Series Points will permit 4 throwaway motos that will not count for the overall points out of the scheduled the total motos. The Pro Class season MX series will have 2 throwaway motos and will consist of a single moto 22 minutes plus 2 laps per race day. In the event of a cancelled moto or motos, throwaways may be adjusted as determined by the Board of Directors.

To qualify for a year end plaque, participation in 19 of 26 total scheduled club motos are required, consisting of the 20 MX and 5 ORS and the 6 Hour. Please see the rule book for details.


2019 SCR Race Day Schedule

 The 2019 race day schedule follows. Please note that racers in classes that may be combined, must check the printed schedule which will always be posted on race morning shortly after practice before main track motos begin.

2019 SCR Race Day Schedule

2019 SCR Race Day Schedule A/B Display


SCR Class Structure General Guidelines

 The Steel City Riders class structure and full guidelines will be posted in the 2019 rule book once updated. The below is for quick reference of the changes implemented for 2019.

2019 SCR Class Promotions and Changes


2019 SCR Vintage MX Series - TBA

Please check the calendar for the 2019 Vintage Series rounds.

Keep in mind every round can be a vintage round if there are at least 3 bikes to create a class however, they will not be a points round.

2019 SCR Vintage MX Series


Rider Advancement

 The class review committee would like to congratulate all the riders who have improved their motocross skills to the point where they need more of a challenge that is provided by the next skill class. Please remember any rider who is moving from a smaller displacement bike (e.g. 65 to 85) the class advancement still remains in effect. If you were on a small bike in 2018 and will be moving to a big bike (125cc or larger) 85 B riders start in Novice, 85 A riders start in Junior. If you have advanced from 85B to 85A then you will start in the Junior class. The class review committee will also be watching all the riders for the 1st few races to make any further advancement or changes to keep all the classes and riders as safe as possible. The previous +30A/B/C classes have also been reclassified into +30A/B and +40A/B. Any questions or comments please email the class review committee.

 2019 SCR Class Promotions and Changes

 The Class Review Committee:

 Class Review Committee - Group Email

 Mike Liberty

 Matt Osterroth

 Brad Kelly

 Doug Fair