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For 2019, your SCR Class Review Committee (CRC) spent a significant amount of time over the winter evaluating how to make SCR race days run a bit quicker but also make them more safe. The CRC proposal was adopted by the majority in attendance at the last members meeting which means changes for 2019. SCR will depart from the long history of running the 50cc class independently from the main track, and will now run the races concurrently with the main track. Main track practice will no longer be delayed and will begin right after riders meeting. We will also see a Mini beginner class which will be a less competitive moto for those future stars just getting their boots broken in. Skill classes (Nov/Jr/Int/Exp) will no longer 'ride up' a class but will now have a second class option of Youth A or B for those under 30. For the +30 riders, there will now be separation for those 30-39 into +30A or +30B, and for those 40-49 into +40A or +40B. We will continue with the +50 and +60 age classes. The class restructuring and breakdown can be reviewed along with the redistribution of riders in the below document. Any questions or concerns can be sent to Thank you.

Promotions & Class Redistributions


Downloadable copy of  2018 RIDER HANDBOOK AND MEMBER RULES

2018 SCR Rulebook


 "Concussion Best Practices Guide for SCR"


 SCR Scholarship Award


The rider promotions list and 2019 class redistribution list as evaluated by the Class Review Committee follows: