2021 Membership Fees

Indiv. Membership $120 + HST = $135.60

Family Membership $175 + HST = $197.75

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Membership Information and Fees

2022 Membership renewal (purchase) opened March 12th. To complete your required electronic waiver(s) visit SpeedWaiver. Once your online waiver is completed correctly (we do not need it uploaded to the membership system) you will be notified. Login at the above Member Login page.


If you are interested in a 2022 membership, visit our membership site at Member Login to "Register a new account". Please follow the instructions closely and be sure to realize that all new members to Steel City Riders must complete a work day at an away race track, so if you can not commit to that, Steel City Riders is not the club for you. Please review our membership requirements and family qualifications below.

What are your membership obligations?

Every individual member 8 years old or older as of January 1st of the seasons calendar year must have a mandatory work day completed during the season. This will usually be flagging at a race. Flaggers must be 14 years of age or older, so parents of minors (or self-arranged fill in) will have complete the work day for their children. If you have a family of 4 members, 4 work days are required. During online registration, you will be required to select a day from what's available. These are first come first serve. A work day is an obligation of membership. If you can't commit to a work day, SCR may not be the club for you. If you register and the only work days available are away races, that means that others have registered before you and those work days are no longer available. All first year members will be required to complete their work day at a non home track event.

Who qualifies for a family membership?

A family membership consists of single, common-law or married adult(s)/parent(s) and/or their children under the age of 18 living in the same residence. Children between 18 and 22 who are active students and who permanently reside with a parent or parents qualify as part of the family membership IF a valid student card can be provided. Those 18 years and above are considered independent adults and require an individual membership. Extended family members (uncles, cousins, in-laws or siblings outside the age limit) living in the same household do not qualify as a family member for membership purposes.

What do I get with membership?

With membership you will receive seasonal access to the Steel City Riders private club track and trail facility and the ability to participate in our MX Series and/or Off Road Series (at a fee) and other private club events.


2022 Membership Fees 

Individual Membership   $135.60 ($120 + HST)
Family Membership   $197.75 ($175 + HST)


2022 Motocross Competition Entry Fees (HST not included) 

Individual Rates:    $40 First Class, $20 Second Class, $10 Third Class 
Family Rates:    $40 First Rider/Class, $20 Second Rider/Class, $10 per additional Rider/Class 
Note: SCR does not charge gate fees but additional online processing fees will be charged.